Documents to be provided

In order not to have to chase after your travel information, please have this basic information ready. The documents should only be legible, so that they can be compared with your manually entered data.

All the documents must be sent to us once the form has been filled in, to the address [email protected], specifying the tracking number of your procedure, indicated in the confirmation email.

Information on travellers' identity and travel to Kenya :

  • dates of stay in Kenya
  • the airport, port or border town of arrival
  • the passport of each traveller
  • contact details of your accommodation

Common documents for all travellers


A clear and legible colour photocopy:

  • the identity pages of the valid traveller's passport (the one used for your trip to Kenya). This is the left page of the passport with your personal details AND the right page with your signature.
  • the traveller's passport cover

⚠️E ach passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Kenya. This cannot be a green emergency passport, nor a diplomatic one. It is strongly advised to have 3 blank pages, 2 of which face up in your passport on arrival in Kenya.

Passport photo

A colour, high-definition scan of a passport photo, respecting passport photo standards: the photo must be clear, without folds or marks.

Passport photos must be recent and resemble the passport photo.

Ideally, photos should be more than 350px wide and high. You can take your own picture, as long as you respect the constraints listed.

⚠️ For ease of use, you can use our photo processing tool by visiting

Documents specific to certain reasons for stay

e-Tourist Visa only

Proof of accommodation

Accommodation reservations for each of your stages and for each traveler. Be careful to indicate the dates on your document.

If you are staying with relatives, they must provide you with a certificate of accommodation and a copy of their identity card.

e-Visa Transit only

Proof of exit

The reservation copy of your return ticket (flight, etc.) to leave Kenya, with name.

This document is used to prove that you will leave the country before the end of the validity of the visa.

e-Visa Business only

Letter of invitation

Invitation letter from the company in Kenya

Registration of the company

Registration document of your company and the one visited: KBIS, register, ...

ID or business card of the sponsor

ID or business card of the local sponsor inviting the traveller.